March 26, 2005.

The new Dodge Ram 3500 dually finally arrived last Wednesday.

 Sunday, April 3rd, I will leave for Elkhart, IN to finish outfitting the truck with the necessary accessories to be able to haul the largest of the RV's, cargo trailer, trailed boats, etc. Then on Wednesday I'll drive the short distance to Goshen, IN where I will attend a 2 day orientation for the company I will lease the truck on with. Either Thursday or Friday I  should be on my way making a buck or 2.

The web cam should become operational in the truck starting on my way to Elkhart on Sunday the 3rd. I have a new server that I think you'll find to be much better for several reasons. It has been as smooth as a real moving picture or TV while using the DSL. I will not have that speed while wireless but I'm hoping it won't make any difference. Right now and when wireless I will be sending about 15 frames per second. That should allow as many as 15 viewers at the same time.

In the mean time the cam will be on and off in the computer shop in Franklin, NC. Probably on for a while every day until I leave for IN.

You may go to or my web page for the cam.