April 1, 2005.

I've installed a Jotto Desk for my laptop along with holders for my cell phone and a pda. Also I have installed my Kenwood TM700 vhf/uhf transceiver and antenna. The radio is presently using it's own tnc with an outboard gps and is setup for Automatic Positioning Reporting System (APRS). I am not sure if I'll be happy with the internal APRS or will go back to running one of the APRS software's. If I do the latter then I can transmit the APRS info over the Internet and simultaneously over RF as well. This almost covers those areas where I loose the Internet, for example along Interstate 80 from Lincoln, NE to near Salt Lake City, Utah and possibly on I-10 in far west , TX. Truly nowadays vhf APRS is just about everywhere or is everywhere in the USA!

Early Sunday I will leave for Elkhart, IN where I will get the truck setup with a 5th wheel, gooseneck, extra 115 gallon fuel tank, large mud flaps, 5th plastic tailgate with marker lights, etc. They will be doing the install Monday and Tuesday. When the install is done I will head for Goshen, IN for orientation Wednesday and Thursday. Either Thursday or Friday I should be hooked up to an RV or boat and trailer on my way making some money! Yes! Finally! Again!

APRS will be on when I leave Sunday.

Again I should be keeping my journal up to date often, usually several times a week. On APRS I will send my itinerary or other info in my STATUS.

I rather not answer real time message while I am driving, however, I will be monitoring 146.52 mHz. If you contact me there lets QSY to another simplex freq or give me a repeater freq.

The web cam will also be operational with its sites out the windshield.