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- Location of Peter, W7LUS, via ham radio's "Automatic Positioning Reporting System" (APRS) presently using the Internet.
  As you may know, Peter has opted to try a new venture. He has purchased a "big" Dodge Ram 3500 - one-ton dually pick-up with a big diesel engine. He will be transporting RV's and Boats and the like from manufacturers and depots to their intermediate or final destination. Checkout his streamoing 'web-cam' by clicking "To Cam" on the 'Journal Site'

(updated 4/4/05 by JOe W4ERL)

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Eventually Peter will purchase and setup a HF and VHF radio in his 18 wheeler and operate APRS. If you are not a "ham" you'll still be able to find Peter on the Internet.

Gasoline and fuel tables updated daily at 6 AM MST by the Flying-J Travel Center. They almost always have the lowest prices
  in their areas offering premium products. Winter #2 diesel is a blend that, in my experience, will not gel even down to 18*F.
- The Atlanta Blues Society Blues Cast - Keeping the Blues alive! - Welcome to the world of Internet Radio .

9412 - The Rock Station. Classic Rock That Matters    More Internet radio.

- San Francisco Bay Wind Pattern Streak Lines Animation.
- Boating basic "rules of the road" animation! You can download the program for a future tutorial.
- Beautiful pictures of wolves.
Wolf Country - sounds and links to complete information about wolves.
Yellowstone Wolves - In Remembrance of Wolf #10, a very interesting but sad true story.
- "Tropical American Tree Farms®" grow your own Teak! 

- Carolina Mountain Wood Turners.
- Guide to Writing HTML
- Directorate of Time. 

- W4ERL's home page - helping editor of this page.

- Information for using APRS Findu. For use only with ham radio call signs.
APRS HELP. A whole web page dedicated with help for the Automatic Positioning Reporting System (APRS) by KC5JGV
- Complete information about the
WinLink 2000  radio/Internet Email system.
- Home page of K4HG the author of Findu.
- Home page of K4CJX presents WinLink 2000.
- APRS Home Page. A multitude of APRS links and downloads.
Tri-state APRS Working Group. All popular APRS software downloads and tutorial documentation.
- American Radio Relay League (Ham Radio) ARRL.
- Tucson Amateur Packet Radio TAPR. This is an FTP site for packet software including APRS.
- Download AirMail 2000 software for WinLink and WinLink 2000 (WL2K) mobile users.
- List of
ham marine nets world wide plus a huge list for other marine and ham resources. This web page could become addictive!
Radio Amateur Information Network in Real Audio.
HamRad - a good ham radio resource web page.
U.S. Naval Academy Satellite Ground Station taught by APRS author Professor Bob Bruninga, WB4APR.

Marine Products Dissemination Internet Information.
Marine Products Dissemination Ham information.
Accessing the Internet via Email FAQ.
National Weather Service - products available via Email (Ftp Mail).
Ample Power - provides what to know about batteries, 12vdc electrical marine systems, and much more.
Electro-Fast Distribution, Inc. Very low priced to the consumer in small bulk for marine grade electrical hardware; battery cable, wire, wire ties, heat shrink, etc. Also bronze and stainless steel screws , bolts and other fasteners, s.s. hose clamps. A wonderful inexpensive resource for the marine cruiser.
Crowbar Electrical Parts. A very reasonable resource for tie wraps, lugs, wire, wire clamps, heat shrink, etc.

You can reach Peter, W7LUS (ex-K4TAH) by Email at:
You can reach JOe, W4ERL (ex-KB4FO) by Email at:

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