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To Cap'n Pete's Olde Tyme Southern BBQ Sauce 
For a very delicious and popular western NC - North GA bbq sauce click on the above link.

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July 15, 2004. Still haven't sold the concession trailer but have had several bites and still a few are presently interested.

Well well well! Here I am several months after closing the BBQ business with a cash loss of  $20,850.00 plus or minus a dollar or 2! Soooo...the next move is to find a way to make some money again. Thought I would get involved with a friend doing part time logging. Thought about using the money from the concession trailer to develop a firewood business. Thought about developing an automotive machine shop. Been thinking about a lot of things but the bank accounts are all down to 2 digits! Like a just said...well well well ,I guess it is back to "On the Road Again" trucking! I called North American Van Lines (NAVL), where I contracted to last. asked if they would have me back, the answer was yes, asked if I could get back to the trade show fleet, the answer was yes, asked when (I know the auto shows begin in September and run real strong through until April) the answered they'd like me back anytime from today on!

I was told that the company is doing very well and many of the perks are coming back. They pay for all tolls, phone calls, truck washes, and $150 a year for a clothing allowance to be spent in the drivers store. No forced dispatch, dispatched 10-14 days ahead, can request where I want to go, if available, can take off when and how long I want, receive a $500 bonus sign on and another $500 after 6 months. Presently an 8 cent per mile surcharge for fuel which just went up a penny this last Monday. I used to average $1.20 per mile to the truck and would net about 60% of that which was after all expenses such as fuel, oil changes, truck payments, insurance, and even food, etc.!  

It is a great company. I had worked for many other trucking companies and NAVL is the only trucking company that treats the driver like they should be treated, like any other employee. This is not an easy company to qualify drivers. There was a recruiting bonus of $500 paid to the recruiting driver if the recruit qualified and completed the 10 day orientation (motel, food, and transportation provided). Then another $500 to the recruiting driver if the new driver was still employed after 6 months. I had recruited over 22 drivers from 1995 to 1999 and not one qualified!

I am waiting to hear from the truck sales and leasing department to see what lease vehicles are available. I'll sacrifice about between $525 and $570 per week leasing over buying a new or used truck, however, a portion of the payments can be used towards buying that leased truck or another available truck. One nice thing about the lease is they pay for everything such as tires, oil, all repairs, permits, and base tag. All I pay for is fuel.

If I do the lease thing and all is good being back on the road again then I'll probably begin to save to build another custom truck similar to the one I used to have. But this time I think I'll consider a Peterbuilt with what they call "low air ride suspension". It looks like a low rider and with the long frame that I'll order for the over sized sleeper it'll really look low and long! This time I am going to really spec out the truck very carefully. I know I'll go for the biggest cat engine available and really would like to have the automatic transmission. I plan to deck it out with lots of chrome and lights with  murals of "Norrona", my last sail boat. Perhaps port holes for windows and a pair of a set of 3  large yacht deep throated air horns on the cab roof. And of course the in motion satellite TV, surround sound, another gps navigation system, XM radio, etc.! I can figure about $200,000!

The down view of this whole things is having to put up with all these newbie self centered inconsiderate young dangerous drivers and of course being away from home for 4-6 weeks at a time, but I am unmarried so it doesn't really make a difference in that respect!

I'll probably install some ham radio equipment in the truck integrated to my laptop and a gps. About every minute the radio will transmit my position and through a complex HF, VHF, and UHF network will show my position, speed, direction, and altitude on the Internet! When I am again operative I'll post a link to specifically track me on my web site. My movement will be a lot of coast to coast to convention centers and display warehouses that are generally near big cities.

It has yet to decided if I'll go back on the road but it sure looks like I haven't much of a chose until I can accumulate some money.


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