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After clicking on  "Tracking" above, login with your callsign or a name, then on the next page insert my callsign, W7LUS-14, in the upper right hand corner box and hit enter. Or click on Track II which will leave off the enhancements on the right side of the Track page.

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The primary concept is for drivers of any kind of vehicle equipped with an "Automatic Positioning Reporting System" (APRS) to report their location via HF, VHF, and/or UHF and/or the Internet.  Reports are generally transmitted once every 1-5 minutes, mostly depending on their traveling speed. These reports will show up on "ham" specific designed software or on your Internet browser as an icon of whatever they are driving such as an RV, an 18 wheeler, a jeep, etc. A link, FindU, will show several maps indicating the location, speed, direction, and altitude. Another FindU map can show a track of the last 30 days on a USA map. Try following links for K4HG-8, the founder of Findu, he has his APRS on 24 hours a day. His track showing the FL Keys area and his track using the USA map with FindU. You can use these URL's substituting other known call signs.

W7LUS - Findu local, USA map track.
The track is set for 30 days. If you want a longer period then change the "start" at the end of the URL from 720 to as many hours as you please. The maximum hours is 3000 which equates to a bit over 4 months!


Journal - The journal is updated rather regularly, usually at least once a week and quiet often
daily. I will try to save some time while on the road to pass my experiences of the days
drive and will probably point out the many blunders I see of other drivers, truckers and
automobile drivers possibly like yourself.

Animated Knots by Grog
W4ERL - Home page and helping editor of these web sites.
W7LUS - email
K4HG - Founder of FindU.
N1BQ - This is a page to search for APRS stations with various inputs.
TAPR - Up to date downloads and hardware for APRS and all other digital modes.
TAWG - Tri State APRS Working Group is another place all APRS software.